Do you know Thales’ Theorem? Updates to the GMAT Math Review

GMAT Circles: Thales' Theorem

Are you familiar with Thales’ Theorem? It’s required knowledge for the GMAT. You can review it in the unit on circles.

We have made some updates to the math review in the course:

  • All units in the review have been updated and some have been expanded
  • Units have been reordered to reflect the increasing difficulty of topics
  • Most units now link to questions within the course by math topic
  • Formatting has been improved with larger text, equations, and figures, for a better viewing experience on your computer or mobile device

You can access the math review directly at this link or by navigating through the main page of the course.

Our math review is unique in that it is complete and free. Anyone and everyone preparing for the GMAT would be well served to go through it. Remember, however, that active practice – doing questions and reviewing them – is what will improve your score. Reading the math review is a good activity when you’re a little burned out or have already been practicing questions for the day.

Over the next few weeks, more course updates will be on the way. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out with your questions and feedback.

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