Get a Free MBA Evaluation

Get a Free MBA Evaluation

Free MBA EvaluationEvery MBA applicant, like every CEO or professional athlete, can benefit from a little time with a good coach. The main question is the scope and nature of that training.

Here's a review of the main options:

  • Hourly consulting fits if you have made progress on your essays and you feel comfortable working with little support. This approach is least expensive; it's also a great way to finish up an excellent essay - or to probe for weaknesses not yet seen in your draft. Hourly consulting is offered by leading admissions consultancies such as Stacy Blackman Consulting.
  • Packages are more expensive, but not too expensive in the overall scheme of your business school costs. They offer, roughly, unlimited coaching on your application in various categories, such as Stacy Blackman all-in packages. Being able to iterate freely on your essay drafts comes in really handy. Of course, you are still on the hook to develop your ideas, establish your values, and write your essays - but you have a coach that knows you along the way.

If you are doubtful about whether to work with a consultant at all, I would suggest you purchase a couple hours of work on an essay, to try it out. If you're on the fence between hours and a package, I would recommend a package; from what I've seen working with clients, the ones who start hourly often end up in a middle point at which they would appreciate more hours with their coach, but stop early because they don't have a package.

Another way to get started is to get a free evaluation of your candidacy. A consultant can give you an initial sense of how competitive you are as an applicant and what you can do to address areas of weakness. You can sign up for one at

I personally also give out a small number of free evaluations. My overall recommendation is that you work with one of the main providers, but you are welcome to get an opinion from me, schedule permitting. My areas of focus, beyond the MBA space itself and the GMAT, include brand management and marketing, tech, management consulting, entrepreneurship, international business, and writing.

You can request a free evaluation from me using this form. You'll hear afterward whether an evaluation is feasible at this time, and if so, how to proceed.

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