GMAT Structure, Format, and Timing

GMAT Structure, Format, and Timing

The GMAT has four sections totaling 3.5 hours of testing time:

GMAT Test Section # of Questions Question Types Timing
Analytical Writing Assessment 1 Topic Analysis of Argument 30 Minutes
Integrated Reasoning 12 Questions Multi-Source Reasoning
Graphics Interpretation
Two-Two Part Analysis
Table Analysis
30 Minutes
Quantitative 37 Questions Data Sufficiency
Problem Solving
75 Minutes
Verbal 41 Questions Reading Comprehension
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction
75 Minutes
Total Exam Time 3hrs, 30 minutes

You’ll receive an optional 8-minute break before the Quant section and before the Verbal section, so the complete testing experience is closer to 4 hours.

Take note:

  • Your Total Score of 200-800 points is based entirely on the Quantitative and Verbal sections – these sections are more important than the others. In practice, when you refer to “your GMAT score” you’re talking about the Total Score, although schools will receive all of the scores above on your score report.
  • The Quant and Verbal sections are of equal length, but have a slightly different number of questions.
  • On some exams, you don’t know what sections will come in what order – the order is randomized. That is not the case on the GMAT; you’ll always see the Quant section before the Verbal, for example.
  • There is no experimental section: all of the sections count toward some sort of reported score. There are, however, “experimental” questions. These are presented to you within a section as if they are normal questions, so you won’t be able to identify them, but they will not count toward your final score.
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