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Module 1 GMAT Basics
Unit 1 The GMAT Exam
Unit 2 Should You Take the GMAT or GRE?
Unit 3 MBA Program Application Deadlines (2014-2015)
Unit 4 Two Days or Two Months? GMAT Study Planning
Unit 5 GMAT Test Dates
Unit 6 GMAT Practice Tests, Free and Paid: How Many to Take and How to Use Them
Unit 7 GMAT Structure, Format, and Timing
Unit 8 What GMAT Score Do You Need to Get In?
Unit 9 The Four Types of GMAT Study Plan
Unit 10 GMAT Study Plan #1: Cram Weekend
Unit 11 GMAT Study Plan #2: Final Exam Week
Unit 12 GMAT Study Plan #3: Fitness Plan
Unit 13 GMAT Study Plan #4: Obsession Mode